Introduction to OpenID Connect | Technology

It is an augmentation of OAuth 2.0 convention where in it includes more data for application. In OAuth 2.0, application get security/approval token which can be utilized to get to downstream apis. With OpenID Connect, application can get data about end client and their profile data.


Get an id_token

Recover profile data from the UserInfo endpoint utilizing token

The id_token comprises of 3 sections which are Base64url encoded isolated by (.)

– header

– payload

– signature

For instance


We get above token and need to part them by (.) and after that encode them by base64, we will get beneath 3 esteems



















One needs to play out a few approvals to ensure that the token is gotten from confided in customer.

One can check a few information from payload, as iss and so on.

Lets get the setup of ID associate

https://localhost:9031/.surely understood/openid-design

It will return payload with subtleties having token_endpoint,jwks_uri, userinfo_endpoint, scopes_supported

Application can check the userinfo_endpoint and get the client data/profile subtleties.