Job Outlook For Physician’s Assistants

Employment for physician assistants is expected to grow much faster as many health care establishments now hire PAs to reduce costs. With the aging of baby boomers, the demand for health care is even greater. Job opportunities are therefore abundant, particularly at clinics in rural and inner cities as these places can hardly attract physicians.

Employment of physician assistants is expected to increase by 27% from 2006 to 2016. This is due in part to the expansion in the health care industry as well as the need for cost containment. Owing to the fact that employing PAs are more cost-effective, physicians and institutions are expected to employ more of these professionals in providing primary care and to assist with medical and surgical procedures.

Concerning the work places for member of these professionals, they will work in traditional office-based settings. In addition, they can also work in institutional settings such as hospitals, academic medical centres, public clinics and even prisons. PAs may be employed to supplement medical staffing in hospitals as a result of the reduction of the number of hours physician residents are permitted to work.

According to National Employment Matrix, the total number of physician assistants is 66,000. In 2016, this number is projected to increase to 83,000. Considering this, it is obvious that the prospect for this profession is positive. As such, those who wish to pursue this career should be confident that they will not be lack of job opportunities upon securing the necessary qualifications.

Growth in employment aside, the increasing number of job openings is also due to the need to replace physician assistants who retire or leave the occupation. All in all, job outlook for this profession will be very favourable in the United States.