Pre Employment Testing

Essential Advice on Pre Employment Testing

Are you hiring?

If so then you are already conducting some Pre Employment Testing as almost everything from the vacancy advert to the job interview is testing mandates.

The problem is that most of us have very poor and unreliable candidate assessment methods in place and we probably far too much on face to face interviews and gut feel.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

If you had a more reliable and robust approach to hiring staff then

If you choose to make enhanced, less risky, employment conclusion then you want a sturdy pre employment test method in place.

This is not something you can wash you hands off and hand over to an agency.

So this article relates to you, regardless of whether you use a recruiting bureau or not.

Why do Pre Employment Testing?

This is entirely on the subject of removing danger and making healthier recruitment decisions. Recruiting mistakes are especially expensive mistakes. They can take years to fix and at times you never wholly get back from them.

An inventory of Pre Employment Tests to reflect on

There are a bunch of pre employment tests you can execute as an employer. Chances are you will not complete all of them. Some will be more key and pertinent to you than the rest, based on the nature of the role.

For instance if your staff are expected to go to work with kids at all, then you will have to consider police checks.

If your staff are handling cash then you may well like to see if they have an arrest record for theft.

Pre employment fitness or drug tests could also be appropriate to you.

Be practical because there is no sense carrying out large pricey pre employment tests in all cases.

The following are the necessary assessments to request. These are reasonable and fast;

  1. Personality Test (psychometric test)
  2. Verify references (Background checks)
  3. Telephone job interview
  4. Face to face meeting

Additionally to these you must take into account a practical, on the job test. Job evaluations are a decent way of seeing how someone appears on the post.

It could be that they are only shadowing someone for a short while but in that time you will get an impression of the applicable.

Pre Employment Testing In More Detail

Personality Test

Often simply applied to the shortlist as it can be costly. It's not unusual to pay around £ 60 per person.

Then again low cost versions are available so for as little as £ 5 you can obtain personality reports. So there really is no excuse for not using them more frequently.

One sure way of improving your hiring decisions is to use personality tests on your long list. Do not leave it to the very end of the process.

Long List Assessments

You can actually get all your personality reports for free if you take out a license agreement. This enables you to implement a personality benchmark.

When you create a personality benchmark you can see exactly what type of personality is most likely to suit the role you have.

You then compare new applicants against your benchmark and prioritize your list accordingly.

There will be about 25% of your seats that are reasonably compatible with your benchmark. This is a great place to start.

You are likely to identify and consider candidates that would otherwise never make it to your shortlist. using traditional recruitment methods.

Interview Training

Anyone involved in candidate selection should undergo some basic training. There is a lot of psychology involved in job interviews and an interviewer should be trained on how to manage the situation properly.