18 Business Books to Read During Your Lunch Break


Bill Gates reads 50 books a year on average. The typical American reads four. See a connection?

The fact is, reading is a fundamental part of your growth as a professional. Not only does it educate you, but it also keeps you mentally sharp and can even be a nice way to reduce stress after a long day.

Unfortunately, many of us are too pressed for time to pick up a book — or so we think.

Your busy schedule may not let up anytime soon, but it’s important to carve out space in your life for what matters. For those of us who work the 9-5 grind, that often means taking advantage of the gaps in our days. One of those gaps just so happens to be your lunch break.

A typical lunch break lasts around an hour, making it an excellent opportunity to fit in some reading. The question is, what should you be reading?

If professional success is your goal, you may want to opt for educational material related to self-improvement, business and entrepreneurship, or your industry. These types of books can help you refine what you already know and learn new things about subjects you thought you had mastered.

Need a more specific recommendation? Check out Fundera’s list of the best business books you should read on your lunch break:


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