Different Types of Editing Jobs

Most of the people are attracted towards editing, as it's quite a noble profession. Whether it's a magazine editor, a newspaper editor or an online editor, they all receive a good amount of respect from their colleagues, co-workers, friends and the members of the society. Since there are different types of editing jobs, you need to make sure you choose an area of ​​work for which your talents and interests are best suited.

Given below are the different areas of editing you can pursue as a career.

Development Editors

These editors work with an author or writer of a book. Like other editing jobs, this specialization also includes doing a lot of research on the topic in hand. In the light of their research, they suggest important topics for the author or the client they work with. Their main role is to develop an initial concept into a manuscript or draft. They rewrite the original material to meet the specific demand of the target market or the audience.

Copy Editors

Those who are planning to step into a full-fledged editing career can start as a copy editor. These editors also possess excellent writing and research skills. They are primarily responsible for checking submitted articles for errors of different types. They make sure that the article is correct in every aspect. They ensure that all the facts presented in the write-up are true and accurate.

Executive Editors

These editors are actually the decision makers in a publishing company. They are responsible for selecting the topics for publication. Whether they work for a magazine or a newspaper, they hold the right to decide whether an article will be published or not.

Assignment Editors

They look after a specific department in a publishing company. Each magazine company or newspaper publishing house has several groups of writers for different departments. The job of the assignment editor is to decide which writers should work on a particular writing assignment.


Proofreading is also a part of editing. These professionals read the proof and see if the matter contains any kind of errors or mistakes. Whether it's about the layout of the page, selection of colors, typographical errors, typesetting specifications or other related inconsistencies, proofreaders are responsible for eliminating all these errors in the matter to be published.

What type of editor do you want to become? Since there are so many roles, responsibilities and specializations in editing jobs, you need to make sure you choose one that fits in with your aptitude, talents and skills. Editing is one of the most highly paid jobs. If you are focused, dedicated and start your career preparation as early as possible, you can certainly achieve success in this occupation and make a name for yourself as well.