The Many Job Opportunities

Freeport, Maine is a beautiful New England town located on the waters of Casco Bay and just 20 minutes from the larger town of Portland, Maine. It is also conveniently located just two hours from Boston. For such a quaint little town, there are many types of jobs available in Freeport for those that want the outdoorsy quality of life that Freeport offers. Some of the largest employers here are LL Bean which is based in Freeport, lobster fisherman, retail outlet stores and various independent businesses such as marine metal suppliers that provide zinc anode and zinc anodes for all of the marine boats and equipment in Casco Bay.

LL Bean is one of the area's biggest employers and has been in existence since 1912. This outdoor outfitters started as a one man business that has grown to a 1.5 billion dollar company. Not only is it a retail store in Freeport but it also has educational outings, and events that emphasize the outdoors and nature conservation. One unique thing at about the store in Freeport is that it never closes and is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If you look at the doors to the store there are no locks on them since they never close. Because of this huge company and the flexible hours, many local Mainers work for LL Bean.

Another way to earn an living in Freeport is to work at one of the many outlet shops that are present in town. Because so many people come from all over to go to the only LL Bean store available, many outlet stores starting popping up to make it a whole shopping experience for the out of town travelers. A lot of the outlet stores are geared to the outdoors such as Patagonia and North face which are also outlets that are not usually found at other places. For those that enjoy working in retail, there are many different choices for employment in this field.

Another type of employment for many residents of Freeport is lobster fishing. Many lobster fishermen find the location on Casco Bay and the access these waterways lead to be ideal to catch lobsters. As many people know, Maine is known for the delicious supply of lobsters. It has been reported lately in the news that there has been a huge abundance of lobsters this past season providing consumers with lower prices and fisherman a great business with great quantities of lobster to sell.

There are also a lot of other employment options in Freeport if you have more of an entrepreneurial side to you. A lot of restaurants do quite well in Freeport due to the tourists that often visit this quaint town. The other necessary jobs are good options too like banks, medical related jobs for doctors and nurses and educational choices for the top school system located in Freeport. Many people choose to live in Freeport for the way of life there with a small town and the beautiful natural surroundings on the water while still having the great job opportunities.