Pros and Cons of Recruitment Agencies to Businesses

When you're desperate to find the suitable job for you, recruitment agencies can be a great help. Each decision you make for your career has its own set of pros and cons. With several years of experience working with staffing agencies, I have encountered first hand of pros and cons with these agencies and I am certain that this will help you handle any concern that you might have when looking for temporary jobs. Here is a description of the pros and cons to consider when seeking the help of these agencies:

The Pros of Temporary Employment:

The very first benefit of these temporary jobs offered by recruitment agencies is that they provide a full range of networking capabilities. Every company you will work for offers an excellent chance for you to meet new people, clients or even make new connections. You can meet various people from different sectors in the duration of your work compared to permanent jobs. The second benefit is that you can never find your work boring. The first months of working at a new company can be very exciting because everything is new. The working environment and the scope of your work change frequently and does not become mundane. The third advantage of working as a temporary staff is that you are allowed a shot to work for various companies without long term commitment. If you're not satisfied with a particular temporary job, you can ask a staffing agent to transfer you to another job. IT is easy to change jobs as a temp employee and you are allowed to work where you want to. This is a big factor because you can get to discover which company and the type of job you enjoy for you to find a permanent position in a specific industry. The fourth benefit is that you get to acquire new skills which increases your worth as an employee. There is a dramatic increase in your skills if you get to work several jobs in a short span of time and this can be great for your resume.

The Consortium of Temporary Jobs:

The first disadvantage of temporary jobs is that they do not last and there is no real guarantee that you will keep your job for long as a temporary staff. This can be stressful to most people because once your job is done, you do not have any work again. This can be avoided if you ask your staffing agency to find you "temporary to permanent" jobs that will increase your chance of being a part of the company permanently. The second disadvantage is lower pay or compensation. This is the reason why several companies employ temporary staffs because it's less expensive on their bottom line. There are staffing agencies that take a cut of your salary as payment for the services they are providing you. Do not forget to ask the agency about this matter when you use a staffing agency. However, not all recruitment agencies do this. In fact, they offer high compensation based on the type of temp work you're providing. The third disadvantage is the treatment that temporary employees would receive from permanent employees. There are permanent employees who treat temporary staff as unimportant or lower in status. This ostracism can be prevented if you talk to your staffing agent as soon as possible to resolve this conflict. Being a temporary employee does not mean that you deserve to be negatively rated by your permanent co-workers. The last downside of having temporary jobs is the company's reluctance to hire temporary employees permanently. There is the opportunity for you to get hired permanently if you perform your job very well; however, employers are hesitant to hire a temp staff because you are already providing the work needed at a lower cost and they find it expensive if they pay insurance or provide temp benefits. On the other hand, companies who offer temp to permanent employment do not do this.

After reading this, I hope you'll be able to make an informed choice regarding recruitment agencies and ascertain if they can help you with your employment.