Freight Agents and Their Responsibilities

There are a lot of freight agent responsibilities, but do not let it scare you. Most is common sense but all are important and will come naturally as part of your routine after a week or so of practice.

A freight agent has the responsibility of building their own customer base, finding carriers, shippers, keeping their own records, and paying their own taxes. A freight agent is also responsible for knowing what paper work is required, what signatures are needed where, when and why. Knowing the different types of equipment and their uses, including extra / special equipment, the different rates, how they are calculated and applied are all part of the agent's responsibility. Good communication skills are also part of the agent's responsibility, knowing who to talk to, how to talk to, and what to say.

Three of the most important responsibilities of an agent are honesty, integrity, and customer service. After all, it is you the agent, who has the responsibility of building a good reputation or a bad one.

As you can see, there are many responsibilities that belong to the freight agent. Receiving the proper training is the key to understanding these responsibilities and putting them all together.

Below are some examples that are just for your info:

Some of the types of equipment used are flatbeds, refrigerated (known as refers) dry vans, stepdecks, pallets, and tarps. Rates include flat, per mile, cwt. (cargo weight ton) and by piece ie bag, box, bin, etc. Paper work may include carrier contract, shipper to agent packet, agent to shipper packet, w9, shipper credit references and carrier proof of insurance.