Filing an Unemployment Claim

Filing an unemployment claim can be a confusing and often quite difficult process. Not only are you dealing with being in an emotional state after losing your primary source of income, but the unemployment application process can be quite specific.

It's important to understand that your unemployment claim could have been denied or delayed significantly based on the information you provide to the unemployment office.

Below is listed some of the information you will need to provide in order to file your unemployment claim:

– Full name and social security number
– Driver's license or ID that verified your true identity
– The accurate start and finish date of your last employment
– Your employer's details, including name, mailing address and phone number
– Amount of income you earned
– Name and details of all previous employers in the past 2 years

If you file online, then any information you enter will follow you through your recruitment recruitment process. It's also important to remember that if you file unemployment over the phone the claims person on the other end will be typing everything you say. Because you do not want important information missed or mis-understood, be sure to speak clearly and keep your answers short and simple.

Be aware that your reason for being unemployed may be investigated. Your job loss will need to be classified as one of the acceptable reasons for being unemployed or you'll need to have valid reason for your unemployed status.

Once you've filed your unemployment claim you will receive some verifying documents in the mail very soon after. Your employment mail pack will include a notification of your unemployment claim, a notice relating to your eligibility for benefits, a guide to your benefits and even information designed to help you apply for new work.

Your previous employer will also receive notification of your unemployment claim. If your employer chooses to dispute your claim, then they have 20 days from the date on their notification to make their dispute.