Work-At-Home Customer Service Jobs

Not only is customer service is one of the fastest growing work-at-home jobs, but it also has one of the brightest prospects. Companies looking to save money are setting up home-based employees to help with order taking and support services in record numbers. These companies range in size and scope including airlines, mail order businesses, and technology companies.

The advantage to customer service jobs is that they do not needarily require experience. That does not mean that they do not require skills or equipment. It also does not mean you can simply sign up and answer phone calls. But you do not need an advanced degree or years of corporate experience to get hired in customer service.

The hours in a customer service job can vary. Some will require full-time work during regular work hours. Most offer part-time hours and some need people to work late shifts and / or weeks. Many will allow a flexible schedule, but most will want its agents to have a set schedule.

The pay can vary as well. Some pay as little as $ 8 an hour while some pay more. If you have experience in customer support you're likely to get paid more. Further, few companies will provide benefits and in fact most will categorize you as an independent contractor. This has some advantages as an independent contractor is able to deduct work-related expenses such as a new phone headset as well as portions of your home expenses for having a home office.

To get a customer service job, you're going to need to meet some requirements:

1. While some customer support jobs require previous experience, most simply require a pleasant voice and a calm temperament (customer service also means handling complaints).
2. You'll likely need a second phone line and / or high-speed internet access. Satellite may or may not be accepted. Dial-up is almost always not considered.
3. A headset for your phone is highly recommended.
4. A quiet place to work. Customer service work may not be ideal if you have small children or noisy pets unless you can make arrangements for them.
5. Some require on-site training while others can train you vie phone and Internet.
6. Quality application or resume is needed to set yourself apart from other applicants. You can do this by doing background research on the company and industry, and include the information you gather in your resume. If the company is a national flower delivery chain and you used to work in a floral shop, mention it in your application and use the same terms that flower people use.

Customer service jobs can be found on the major job search engines and many telecommuting job databases. But like any other work-at-home job, you need to do your due diligence to weed out the scams. Any company that requests you for money to get hired is a scam. The only exception is that some companies will pass on the expense of a background check to the potential hire. However, they do not usually ask for this unless you've made it through the initial screening and are being considered for hire.

Customer service work from home is expanding making it a great option for pursuing a home-based job. But before you start submitting your application, make sure you meet the requirements and have a quality resume that will get you the job.