Global ESL Careers

English as a Second Language or ESL is the world's most required linguistic service today. The world has become a smaller place since the arrival of the Internet and globalization in the economy. People need to communicate fluently and seamlessly for such a globalization to last, and this is where English plays its major role. ESL is most common because it's an easy language to develop, and historically, the English has affected the farthest lands either by colonization, or by trading. This is why ESL trainers are required across the globe more emphatically.

People may understand English, but speaking it at the level required for commerce is quite a different story. People want to develop the language as a common linguistic standard for world economy – not merely for daily communication. This bridge can only be made when people are trained formally in a language that is not their native tongue.

ESL trainers are often highly paid, because they are usually from a foreign nation. A person teaching a group of Chinese students English has to be fluent in Chinese as well! This is not exactly an easy combination to come across. The dual language skill expected of ESL trainers is valued highly, and here are some of the languages ​​you can make a great career with –

Chinese – Nearly 2 billion people speak many different dialects of Chinese, but Mandarin is spoken most commonly in China. It is a language that can get you a great career as an interpreter, ESL trainer, as well as jobs in the diplomatic missions in China.

Portuguese – Brazil is becoming an important global economy and the language here is Portuguese. If you know English and Portuguese well enough to be an ESL trainer, a life of party awaits you in Brazil.

Japanese – Being the world's leading technological nation, and having one of the strongest economies in the world, Japanese linguistic skills can make you a great career.

Swahili-Africa has become the latest hub for natural resources, and Nigeria and Kenya are among the leading African nations with a rising economy. ESL trainers are well versed in Swahili can get a career in Africa and make good money.

Spanish – South American nations like Argentina and Central America mostly use Spanish as their native tongue. With such rapid globalization and immigration requirements, ESL trainers with a strong grasp on Spanish are most demanded in Latin America.