Nurse Salary – Job Outlook And Salary Information

Nurse Salary Information

So you are thinking of becoming a nurse or perhaps just interested in what nurses make?

That's great, because I wanted to discuss that in this article. I hope to provide you very good information on nurse salary. First thing you should know is that there are many factors that affect a nurses salary. The major things that affect a nurses salary are the type of nurse you are, the location or area where you will be employed as a nurse, and also your education as well as experience.

Types of Nurses

There are many types of nurseries that are responsible for various types of duties. Perhaps the most well known one is the registered nurse. There are also licensed voluntary practitioners as well as licenses practical nurses. These are most common three. After that, it get's more specific and you will usually require more specific training.

Starting Salaries

Starting salads can vary very much. However, you can expect to be paid at minimum $ 16 an hour to a max of about $ 23 an hour as a starting wage. This will increase significantly as you gain experience and seniority. If you are in advanced nursing such as advanced practical nursing or a nursing manager, you should expect to earn more significantly. This is large due to the fact that you need a masters degree or higher education to achieve this level.

Availability Of Nursing Jobs

A great reason to get into nursing is the fact that nurses are always in demand. It seems like hospitals are always short on nurses. And with our lifestyles getting un-healthy and un-unhealthy, I think the job outlook will be pretty for a long long time. A few things to consider when thinking about becoming a nurse. You should know that demand for nurses will also greatly affect your salary, as well as where you are located. Some places that have higher cost of living and / or have a shortage of nurses will pay more or less, deepening of those factors.

Nursing Shifts

Hospitals are a 24/7 gig. We all know that! So hospitals will need nurses every time of the day. This will affect your pay as well. You will be paid a bit of a premium in wage if you work evenings, nights, weekends, and are on standby. These are not typical hours for most people so you should expect to be paid slightly more. Usually a dollar or two more an hour.

There are a lot of places where you can go to nursing school. You can check out your local University or College for more information. Something really popular and gaining interest is online schools. Many people are getting their degrees at various online schools without having to go to an actual classroom. I think that's pretty cool and something you can check out! Have fun with your career choice and I hope this article has made you more interested in nursing as a career. It is very rewarding helping those in need.