How Much Is the Medical Assistant Salary?

Check out this general guide to health care salies and how to improve your career.

The average medical assistant salary will depend on the years of experience, educational attainments and experience, as well as the medical facility where a medical associate works. Overall, the career can be very rewarding and fulfilling, especially if you like taking care of people who are sick.

General Guide to Medical Assistant Salary

On average, the salary of a Health assistant starts at $ 29,100 per year and can go as high as $ 50,000 per year, depending on the key factors mentioned above. A more experienced medical assistant can expect to receive the higher end pay in the medical professional.

According to, the higher end pay-scale only applies to the 10 percent of the Health Associate population today. The best paid Health Care Personnels work mostly in private hospitals and doctors' offices. The national average when it comes to hourly rates is at $ 14.50.

Top 10 Highest Medical Assistant Salaries by State

Here are the top ten states that pay the highest medical assistant salary:

1. California – $ 22
2. Idaho – $ 21.66
3. District of Columbia – $ 21.36
4. Connecticut – $ 20.36
5. Massachusetts – $ 20.08
6. New Jersey – $ 20.06
7. Alaska – $ 19.67
8. Rhode Island – $ 19.53
9. Delaware – $ 19.18
10. Washington – $ 19.04

The starting salary of a medical associate who has just started a career in the industry is around $ 20,000. However, other good locations for a health care assistant career like Washington DC offers around $ 33,000 for a newly certified Health Care professional.

Other Major Benefits

Aside from the standard monetary compensation for this profession, medical or health care assistants can also enjoy other employment benefits such as the following:

• Healthcare benefit
• Continuing education benefits
• Paid leave
• Sick leave
• Travel permission
• Pension payment
• Insurance
• Taxes and other company bonus

Medical Associate / Assistant Salary Based on Company Size

As indicated above, the salary can be larger or smaller based on the medical facility or the size of the company you are working for. With that in mind, in most cases, the larger the company, the higher the salary is. According to payscale, this is how it would look like if we compare salaries by company size:

1 – 9 employees – $ 19,000 – $ 36,000
10 – 49 employees – $ 18,000 – $ 42,000
50 – 199 employees – $ 17,000 – $ 46,000
200 – 599 employees – $ 19,000 – $ 40,800
600 – 1999 employees – $ 19,000 – $ 41,000
2000 – 4999 employees- $ 21,000- $ 49,000

The future of the Health Care industry is planned to go stronger in the next 5 to 10 years from now. So if you are thinking of going into this type of healthcare profession, you will have a better chance of entering a career with a steady growth of employment and salary expectations.

Medical Associate / Assistant Career Improvement

To increase your Health Care salary and value to the company you are working for, you must take continuing education to augment your knowledge and skills, and then become an indispensable employee for your company.

You can start by enrolling in certification programs that can further boost your career and add value to your resume. There are four known major organizations in the United States that provide training and certification programs for Health Care assistants.

They are:

• Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
• Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
• National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA)
• Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

What Are the Major Responsibilities of Medical Assistants?

The job description may vary from one medical facility to another. But some of the common tasks of Health assistant include the following below:

For administrative tasks

• Schedule patient appointments
• Fill out insurance forms
• Arrange for hospital admission
• Handle correspondence for patients
• Keep medical records properly updated

Clinical tasks

• Record medical histories
• Explain treatment procedures
• Take and monitor vital signs
• Instruct about medication
• Sterilize medical instruments
• Take electrocardiograms
• Draw blood
• Prepare the patient for X-rays
• Remove sutures

Again clinical duties for Health Care assistants may vary based on the state or the specifics services of the facility you are working in. If you are working in a medical office that specializes in particular areas, your duties will be based on them. With that, it is very important to be more flexible and more prepared.