A "How to Guide" on Getting a Job Without a Degree

Getting a job without a degree is easy; getting a good job with no degree is not. Your at a disadvantage Trying to get a job without any advanced education but there are some very powerful things you can do that will make you look just as good, or better, as the other applicants that have a college degree. Keep in mind that the following tips are suitable if your pursuing a job that typically requires a degree, you may want to consider changing your goals, as there are a ton of high paying jobs that value experience or people skills far more than advanced education.

The Job Interview is Everything

The way you come across during the interview is about 10 times more valuable than what's contained on your resumé. If the interviewer (s) gets a good feeling that your knowledgeable in your field, that will be worth far more than any degree ever could be. Make sure to do plenty of research about the company prior to the interview. Put a few hours coming up with ways that you can improve and benefit the company and ways that you'll be more valuable than the person (s) currently doing the job. However, often times you wont be considered in the first place to even be granted the interview due to your lack of education. There are some very creative and powerful ways to get around this.

Getting Consideration for the Interview

Use your cover letter to send a message to the employer about what exactly you can do for their business. Research the company and demonstrate exactly what you feel their strength's and weaknesses are and list very specific ways that you plan on improving them. It's an unorthodox strategy but trust me, employers love to see this kind of initiative. If what you're saying makes sense to them and they agree with most of your points, at the very least they will take you in for an interview just to hear more of your ideas and concepts. During the interview if it any given time they give you the opportunity to speak freely, take that time to tell them about the things you've researched and give them your insight on these points. Remember to be very specific about your ideas, the more specific you are, the better you will come across. Giving vague and general ideas wont leave an impression and they are not likely to be remembered.

Persistence is Key

As with all job hunting, you need to keep your self motivated and stay persistent. Continually follow up with the places that you've applied, but do not call too often or you may be seen as a pest. In order to avoid being overeager and over-anxious, it's a good idea to stay busy in your free time. An excellent way to do this is through a "Get Paid To" (GPT) website which is a site that pays you for doing different things online, like signing up for websites and completing surveys. The legitimate GPT websites are absolutely free and allow you to earn a few hundred dollars on the side every month, which is a fantastic amount if your out of a job.

Remember, education is not everything, it's just a prerequisite that can keep you from getting the interview. Nailing the interview is going to be your key to getting in the door. Do not just wait around and let things happen, make things happen. Be proactive in your job searching and spend a few hours researching each one of your potential employers. As soon as one of the companies likes the ideas that you've proposed in your cover letter, your chances of getting hired is increased substantially. As long as you stay focused and motivated it's just a matter of time before you get hired.