Advancing Into Office Management Jobs

When many enter the work, they start in an office of some kind. Although many positions inside an office are related to a specific skill, such as sales, accounting, or information technology, some are specifically administrative in nature. Entry- to mid-level positions, in this case, range from receptionist and secretarial roles to administrative and executive assistants. No matter what you call the position, however, the knowledge used on the job is specifically related computer, from crafting business letters to putting together spreadsheets and Power Point presentations to setting appointments.

Larger companies often have a sizeable administrative staff consulting of assistants, secretaries, and clerks. At least one supervisor will be needed to make sure all work is getting done and that deadlines are met. Such office management jobs include positions like senior executive assistants, office managers, and administrative managers. No matter what the position is called, however, the skill set not only encompasses the basic computer and typing skills but also proven leadership abilities.

Getting into office management jobs is much like advancing in any other field. In many cases, an individual aspiring to management starts at the bottom, a secretary or receptionist in this case, and works up to an office management role. Advancement, in this instance, is through hard work, superior organizational skills, and a strict adherence to deadlines.

Education may also make a candidate stand out in a pool of applications. Although many in administrative positions now have a bachelor's degree, or at least an associate's, advancing your education can also be an asset. Although no specific degree is geared towards managing an office, those in office management jobs need some business savvy, in addition to organizational, computer, and customer service skills. Ideally, learning a bachelor's of science in business or an MBA should take your career up a notch in the business world, as not only do you have an experience of working in an office but you also have business knowledge from the degree.