Cover Letter Writing – Getting a Career Vs. A Job

Upon entering the job market, you will have to focus on good cover letter writing and a detailed resume highlighting your skills and expertise. If you have been out of the job search for quite sometime, you will find that there are a few industry terms that are prevalent, including "job" and "career."

So what is the difference?

According to the dictionary, the term "career" is one's course of progress through life; whereas a "job" is a set of tasks or duties that you perform due to your occupation. Often times many people who are looking for a career design a job as something to get them by until they get the position for which they really want.

Deciding between a job and a career

If you are looking for quick income while you figure out what you want to do, you may be on a job search. This may be the case for those students who do not know which career path that they want to pursue, or someone who is looking for a career change but is in the process of doing the research and attaining the skills needed for that career.

For example, you may have been recently laid off from your career as an administrative assistant, and wish to further your career path by applying to a similar role at another company. However, you may not find what you are looking for right away so you decide to do a job search for something else in the mean time.

In either case, you will have to get back to the drawing board and focus on the skills needed for effective cover letter writing and resume creation!

Writing a cover letter will be a critical task that will decide your fate of your career for years to come. Most companies will do research on your past job history so even if you are trying to build a career, the jobs you have in the meanime will say a lot about your goals and your credentials.

When you start looking for a job to fill your time and maintain your income, you must consider what it means in the long term for your career. If you had been an administrative assistant for quite some time, it might make sense to get a job in another administrative role with like duties. This will also make your cover letter writing task a little easier as you will not have to adjust the content too much.

Keeping your ultimate goal in mind while performing a job search will not only help with your cover letter writing and resume design, but will also assist you in accomplishing your ultimate goal: building your career!