Exit Sales, the Best Job in Timeshare

The vacation ownership industry offers many lucrative employment opportunities if you know where to look or know someone already in the business.

There are always positions available for good sales consultants, TO's (closers), as well as managers. If sales is not your cup of tea, then the marketing department is always on the lookout for phone reps, promotional agents or OPC's (off property contacts).

Now if you're like me and sales is no stranger to you then may I recommend Exit sales consultant. Sure your commission is less than a TO's but then then the Exit program usually sells for about 80% less than the TO's full program!

A huge advantage you have as an exit consultant is that you get to talk to more tours (clients) than the TO ever will. When a TO sits at a table to do his "closing magic", he might not leave the table for an hour or more.

"My answer is no, I'm not buying today" says the tour to the TO. That's when the TO calls the exit department to come to bat as exit consultants. It's now our job to help the tour with a program that costs much less, has a shorter term, and could be upgraded if they chose to. How sweet is that I ask you. The tour usually thinks that too and signs up.

On a timeshare sales track you have the "front end" where the consultant shows all aspects of owning a week of timeshare, the unit, how you can use it, as well as the exchange ability value. Then there is the "back end" where the consultants turns over the table to you guess it the TO (turn over). If no sale comes of it, it is then turned to the Exit department.

As an exit consultant there are three questions I'll ask the tour to see if there is any interest what so ever.

"Folks. Aside from the money, do you like the product?"

"Would you use the product?"

"Would you use it mainly at the host resort or resorts around the world?"

In 95% of cases if the answer is yes to just one of the three questions, I know we have a new owner / member.

Now that took at most 3 minutes! Next!

So the next time you're looking for a job where you do not have to attend any of the meetings, a 4 minute pitch, higher commission rates, then apply for the exit consultants position.