Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap: 8 Tips


More than 130 large-scale cybersecurity breaches occur every year in the US — and organizations are having a hard time finding the talent they need to combat those breaches.

According to a new infographic from cybersecurity software company Varonis, 82 percent of employers say they’re dealing with a cybersecurity skills shortage. While any skills shortage is bad news for business, a dearth of qualified cybersecurity specialists can spell disaster. When a company suffers a breach, it puts customers and employees in danger, loses the trust of the public, and, to add insult to injury, may even be slapped with hefty fines.

That said, Varonis’s infographic isn’t all doom and gloom — it also has some tips on how companies can close the skills gap and get the cybersecurity talent they need. Check it out below:


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