Help Your Candidates Stand Out With These 15 LinkedIn Profile Tips


It may be a candidate’s market out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to place every job seeker in your pipeline. Even when talent is scarce, recruiters have to put in a little work to sell their clients on why a given candidate is the right fit for them.

As part of your placement strategy, you likely already take steps to help your candidates stand out, whether it’s by practicing mock interviews, helping them tidy up their resumes, or even offering feedback on their digital footprints. And when it comes to digital footprints, LinkedIn is king of the job-seeking world.

To help your candidates position themselves as viable hires in the eyes of your clients, consider sharing this new infographic from Fundera. These 15 LinkedIn tips can help your candidates put their best feet forward — and, by extension, help you make more placements:

15 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine-infographic-v4

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