7 Things to Keep in Mind When Drafting a Job Ad for Millennials

turath1. Discuss What’s in It for Them

Millennials are a resourceful and tech-savvy generation. They’re quick to learn new skills and are a valuable asset to employers looking to modernize and grow their companies.

However, millennials want to pursue professional growth in supportive environments — so your job ad should illustrate the potential career paths your millennial hires could have at your company, as well as the ways your company supports employee development.

Turath D’hont, San Diego Moving Company

kyle2. Convey Purpose and a Connection to the Company Mission

As a millennial, I can say that what matters most to me in any job is knowing the meaning and purpose behind the position. For millennials, work is about more than just money or status. We want to know what our work is contributing to. To attract millennials, make sure your ad describes how the job connects to the overall mission and values of the company.

Kyle Wiggins, Keteka

zahra3. Offer a Good Work/Life Balance

As we become increasingly aware of the effects of mental and physical stress on health, young candidates are beginning to actively seek out employers who genuinely care about well-being and work/life balance. Because of this, it’s important to advertise a competitive and innovative benefits plan — including vacation, healthcare, and any other perks — when seeking to hire talented millennials.

Zahra Timsah, American Medical Center Laboratories

todd4. Be Unique and Specific

Craft a message that speaks to the perfect person. What are their skills? What is their personality like? How will they fit into the workplace culture?

Millennials want to feel connected and energized at work, so talk about what makes your company unique and attractive to the right people.

Todd Giannattasio, Tresnic Media

bryan5. Get Excited

A lot of recruiters still write job ads as if they were meant for the classified section of a newspaper. These ads are written in such a flat, boring language that it can be hard for the reader to imagine the business is even afloat — let alone enthusiastic about its own existence.

Millennials are excited to work. Write your ads to cater to that excitement rather than crushing it.

Bryan Driscoll, Think Big Marketing, LLC

jose6. Speak to Millennials’ Concerns

You need to know what interests millennials. More often than not, it’s not money or professionalism, but community and a thriving environment. Millennials won’t leave their current employers for a company that doesn’t seem to understand them, so make sure your ad addresses the things these workers care about.

Jose Magana, Yellowberry Hub

reb7. Be Transparent About Who You Are

When hiring for any position or any kind of talent, transparency is the most important factor. Be up front about what your company is like and what you expect from a hire. Let your personality shine through so that candidates can really connect with your organization, even before they’ve spoken to anyone.

Reb Risty, REBL Marketing

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